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About Us

Kensington Real Estate Group is a commercial real estate investment firm targeting the acquisition and repositioning of retail properties across the Western United States. Backed by private and institutional investors, Kensington has acquired and disposed of over $500 million of commercial real estate assets since its establishment in 1997.

The Kensington investment strategy identifies a project’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for value enhancement, often focusing on well-located properties that are underperforming due to operational, management or leasing deficiencies. Properties are typically leveraged to a reasonable risk tolerance with a projected hold period of two to five years.

Owned and operated by the founding principals of Coreland Companies, one of Southern California’s leading management and brokerage firms, Kensington has established national relationships with tenants, lenders, institutional and private capital, and third party service providers. These well-established relationships ensure the most efficient and timely transactions possible, as well as optimal returns for investors.

“Developing valuable partnerships is our top priority, working together to take advantage of emerging opportunities.”



Kensington’s core services create value in commercial real estate through acquisition, repositioning and asset management. The value of each K-REG investment is maximized utilizing Coreland Companies’ in-house management and brokerage expertise, which independently represents over 10 million square feet of commercial property. In select instances, Kensington will also retain third-party services from other high-quality service providers based on locality and asset-specific expertise. 

“Kensington possesses the experience of a large institutional owner, and the agility and flexibility of a small firm.”


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“Our 20-year track record speaks to our depth and breadth of expertise, always staying on the cutting edge of an evolving industry.”


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